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Business and Real Estate Law Group was formed to meet a need, a need for sophisticated and experienced counsel for small to mid-sized clients at rates less than comparable Big Law lawyers. Our attorneys participate in transactions such as entity formations and dissolutions, stock and asset purchase and sale transactions, mergers, limited liability conversions, general commercial financings, employment agreements, employee termination agreements, stock option agreements, software license agreements, intellectual property agreements, and a multitude of other transactions that business’ require to operate and grow their businesses. Our attorneys have not done these transactions once or twice during their career, our attorneys have done these transactions many, many times. We eat, sleep and drink this stuff. It’s what we do and we do it very, very well.

We understand the concept of value. We bring value to our clients, not only because of our competitive hourly rates, our outstanding reputation in the business and legal community, our exceptional professionalism, and our commitment to keeping our client fully apprised of the status of their matter, but also because we invest the time necessary to thoroughly get to know and become invested in our client and every important aspect of his or her business.

Not every business is the same, but all businesses have one common purpose: they want to make money. We understand this fundamental truth and we strive to add value to the client’s business by providing timely, concise, creative, and valuable guidance and legal expertise to the client. We never lose sight of the fundamental purpose of our involvement, help the client achieve his or her goals.

If you are seeking superior, personalized legal services for your business, we invite you to contact us, and together we will build a partnership with you that will provide you with the counsel and guidance you need to grow your business.