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High-Quality Client Service

Client Pledge

Business and Real Estate Law Group is dedicated to serving our clients professionally and ethically. In striving to do so, we make the following pledge to our clients:

  1. We will hold strictly confidential all conversations and other communications with our clients, and all other information we receive from our clients during our dealings. We will not reveal a client’s confidences or secrets without the client’s consent.
  2. We will pursue our client’s work conscientiously and without delay.
  3. We will work with our clients to develop an understanding of the clients’ business and their expectations. We will work together to establish goals and deadlines that meet our clients’ needs. Whenever practical, we will work with the client to develop a budget for the project.
  4. We will communicate with our clients and keep our clients informed about the status of their matter. Every effort will be made to return a client’s telephone call on the day it is received. We will send copies of all significant correspondence and other documents to our clients. We will keep our clients informed of any significant developments relating to their matters.
  5. We will charge a reasonable fee. We will provide timely statements, which accurately and show what work we have performed and the cost of that work. The client will timely pay the invoice. We do not “cut” or negotiate invoices. We will, however, discuss a situation where the client feels we have made an error in our billing or billed the client for work that was outside our engagement.
  6. Above all, we will strive to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and to build a long-term relationship of trust and confidence with our clients. We will keep the best interests of our clients as our primary goal and treat our clients and their matters with the utmost of deference and respect.